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Teacher (not me) Testimonial: 

“I taught the Zentangle method to a group of third-grade students at an inner-city school in Worcester, MA. I am a Title I teacher, and I work with students throughout the school. I decided to teach Zentangle to the class of students with whom I spent the most time, as a fun end of the year activity. 

 “The students were enthralled by the Zentangle method. They were completely focused and attentive throughout the lesson and eager to learn more tangles afterward. One interesting thing I noticed was that most of the students constantly asked me if they were “doing it right”, despite my having said that there is no wrong or right in Zentangle. They also asked for permission, or if it was “okay” for them to do a certain tangle in a certain section, or do a tangle in a slightly different way. 

 “It really showed me that these students are so used to following explicit directions and being assessed on their work that they had a hard time unleashing their creativity and trusting themselves. However, by the end of the lesson, the students were more relaxed about their creations, and they loved seeing how their own Zentangles were similar and different to those of their classmates. 

 “Creating a mosaic of all the students’ finished Zentangles at the end was very powerful. The students really appreciated how each piece of artwork became part of a larger work of art.”

-Emily Collona, CZT (Worcester, MA)

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